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The Disney Channel has struck upon a novel way in which to merge its classic films with the fickle tween audience it so desperately needs to keep happy: Descendants.  It’s a TV movie which features the teen and tween offspring of classic Disney film villains.  Because what teenage isn’t clamoring to see that kind of TV movie?

In the film, it is established that once the villain of a Disney film is defeated, they are shipped off to the Isle of the Lost, where apparently they all have a bunch of hipster kids.  Check out the pic below, in which we see Jay (Jafar of Aladdin’s son), Carlos (Cruella de Vil of 101 Dalmations’ son), Mal (Maleficent of Sleeping Beauty’s daughter), and Evie (the evil queen of Snow White’s daughter) acting like they’re in an Urban Outfitters ad.


In Descendants, the son of Belle and the Beast from Beauty of the Beast reigns as a king who gives the kids a chance to redeem themselves and make their way off the Isle of the Lost.  The film is set to premiere in 2015.

What do you think of Descendants?

Source:  /Film