The production of Fast and Furious 7 has been the bumpiest of roads. Paul Walker died in a tragic car accident halfway through production, which caused Universal to halt production, eventually picking up a couple months later. And now it’s been revealed that Vin Diesel has been so problematic on set that people involved have hoped to use the same CGI-face replacement technology for Diesel that they’re going to have to do with Walker.

This comes from The Hollywood Reporter, and let’s make it real here: people involved with the production want to shame the star, and this may go up to the top of Universal. It’s very possible (considering the source) this isn’t idle gossip but a means to humble and humiliate Diesel, who got to make Riddick simply because he’s become such a valuable asset to the studio. The rumors of him being difficult and unable to leave his trailer didn’t spring from nowhere, and if things were going well, this could have been squashed.

Then again, this is Diesel, who — admittedly — was able to bluff his way into the Marvel universe and wanted to merge brands with them… whether that meant him joining a Marvel movie or if that meant a superhero/Fast and Furious crossover is unknown, but you don’t have to visit Diesel’s Facebook page to know he’s a little wacky.

Do you think Diesel’s insane?