Everyone’s favorite marmalade-loving Peruvian bear Paddington will arrive on the big screen this winter. The latest trailer, courtesy of Weinstein Company, shows Paddington trying to find his way around a bathroom in London.

The film follows the comic misadventures of Paddington (voiced by Colin Firth), a passionate Peruvian toy bear who arrives in London to start a new life. Feeling lost and alone at Paddington Station, he begins to realize that perhaps the city life isn’t for him, until he’s taken in by the generous Brown family (led by Hugh Bonneville and Sally Hawkins). The movie also stars Nicole Kidman, Peter Capaidi, Julie Walters and Jim Broadbent.

The latest trailer shows Paddington in a bathroom, trying to figure out how to use toothbrushes and mouthwash. He makes a lot of mistakes, and ends up making a huge splash. But overall, this very cute bear is making good first impression with us.

Though Paddington was previously a TV show, this is the first live-action feature based on the classic children’s book character Paddington Bear, which was created by Michael Bond in 1958. Paddington opens on November 28th.

Besides the trailer, there was recently a meme titled #CreepyPaddington which puts Paddington in some classic horror movie settings like The Shining, The Exorcist, The Omen, and Paranormal Activity. Paddington is an adorable little bear, but the meme is pretty hilarious. You can check out a bunch of photos at the Creepy Paddington Tumblr page.

Are you a fan of Paddington?

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