The Nextflix Daredevil series is definitely casting some talented TV veterans, as now Vincent D’Onofrio will joining the cast as Wilson Fisk, who is also known as The Kingpin, and is one of The Man Without Fear’s/Matt Murdock’s best antagonists.

Marvel posted this news on their website (sneaky bastards) that D’Onofrio has joined the cast alongside the previously added Charlie Cox. Cinematically, the character has only been played once previously by the late Michael Clark Duncan in 2003′s Daredevil, though almost everyone involved with it now speaks of it as a misfire.

D’Onofrio has spent a lot of time on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, but let’s face it, the actor is still best known/most revered for his work in Full Metal Jacket. That’s not his only famous role as he also played a great villain in Men in Black, while many fondly remember the actor for his role as Thor in Adventures of Babysitting. We guess you’d call that range.

Though some might have seen the exit of Drew Goddard off the project as a bad sign, that didn’t smell as bad as Edgar Wright leaving Ant-Man. On top of which Goddard plans to act as a consultant on the project, and will be writing and directing The Sinister Six, which is as good an excuse as any to bolt (though with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 underperforming, Sony might want to revise their franchise plans). This will be the first of four Marvel Netflix shows, so we’re sure to get more casting announcements for this and the other shows shortly.

What’s your favorite D’Onofrio performance?