Last night Bryan Cranston, who you might remember from Breaking Bad or from his recent turn in Godzilla, won a Tony award for his performance as president Lyndon Baines Johnson in the play All the Way. The play has a sequel in the works, and it looks like Steven Spielberg of all people wants to bring the Johnson story to the small screen.

That’s the news coming out of Deadline, who note that it’s hard to say where the show might end up. Spielberg has produced a number of HBO shows, including Band of Brothers and The Pacific, but he’s also had a number of shows on NBC (including Amazing Stories and SeaQuest DSV), while Cranston has had great success on AMC with that show Breaking Bad, so it’s unknown where this will end up. They also note that Spielberg has optioned the material through Amblin, though it doesn’t sound like he’s going to direct it (he has seen the production a number of times, for what that’s worth).

One might think having a play would lead to a single movie (or a TV movie), but author/playwright Robert Schenkkan not only wrote All the Way, but he’s got a sequel set to premiere at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival next month called The Great Society. The idea then would be to combine the two into a story that covers much of the sixties, and Johnson’s run as president.

Will you watch Bryan Cranston in just about anything?