Well, it seems the absolute clusterf*** that has plagued Marvel’s Ant-Man is finally over—well, the preproduction clusterf***, anyway, as the final result remains to be seen.  But the film now has a director, and can move forward.

After visionary writer-director Edgar Wright left the project due to Disney’s script meddling (taking with him a lot of fan hopes for an amazing Ant-Man film that people would actually want to see), no director seemed to want to touch Ant-Man.  Until now.  Peyton Reed, the man who directed such cinema classics as Bring It On, Down With Love, The Break-Up, and Yes Man, will helm the film.  Further, Adam McKay, who was briefly in the running to direct, will clean up the script, which was reportedly left in shambles after Disney massacred Wright and co-screenwriter Joe Cornish’s original.

So, where there was once a would-be visual extravaganza directed by Edgar Wright, we’ve got a hyper-rewritten studio picture directed by a hired gun who was the studio’s third or fourth choice and was selected for simple competence controllability rather than an actual, identifiable authorial vision.

Ant-Man is set for a July 17, 2015 release date.


Source:  /Film