It’s easy to get Owen Wilson, Jenna Fischer, Amy Poehler, and Zach Galifianakis together for your little indie first feature… easy if you’re the creator of Mad Men, but that’s what happened, and that’s why all four appear (along with many other familiar faces) in Matthew Weiner‘s  Are You Here. And now there’s a trailer for his filmmaking debut.

Here Wilson stars as a cocky weather reporter named Steve Dallas, who may be on the verge of losing his job when he runs into his old friend Ben Baker, played by Galifianakis. Ben’s dad just passed away, and so Steve accompanies Ben to the funeral and the reading of the will. It turns out that Ben has been left most everything, which upsets his sister (Poehler). But Ben is kind of crazy, so there’s that, and his father had a hot younger wife at the time of his death, so there may be a kinda creepy love interest for someone. Here’s that trailer:

The film screened at Toronto’s International Film Festival and was widely panned. Weiner has since gone on the record to say that this is a completely different cut. Millennium Entertainment will be releasing the film, which suggests no matter how much the Mad Men creator changed, this is mostly going to be a curio for fans of the people involved, in that it’s likely to get a limited theatrical release, and possibly a day and date VOD launch. Are You Here opens August 22.

Do you think Weiner can make the leap to the big screen?