Last night word got out from an unreliable source that Ant-Man had been passed on by Rawson Marshall Thurber, who recently directed the huge hit We’re the Millers. That report turned out to be bullstuff, as Thurber is still in the running, but now Marvel is floating even more names for who could take over the project.

The latest comes from Deadline (after a report from I Am Infamous which I’m not going to link to since their story was bunk to begin with), who note that Thurber is currently Marvel’s favorite for the gig. That said, it’s hard to know if the studio has met with the director as when Adam McKay ended up ditching the movie, it was revealed that Thuber had yet to be approached — while McKay was offered the job, period. Deadline also adds Nicholas Stoller and Michael Dowse‘s names to the possible candidates, as it seems likely that Ruben Fleischer is out as he’s been mentioned as a front-runner for Ghostbusters 3 (though whether that is true or not is questionable).

Stoller makes less sense than McKay, as he is coming off of Neighbors, which is going to make around $150 Million domestic and that means a ton of profit. Stoller can do what he wants within a certain budget, and unless he’s super passionate about Ant-Man, we’d imagine he’ll be giving it a pass. Dowse falls in line with most current Marvel directors in that he’s directed some indie films (like Goon and the upcoming What If), and might be hungry to direct a hundred million dollar movie. He’s one of the most likely. Though we’ve also heard that the latest revisions that sent Edgar Wright packing still needs some work before the film goes before camera, and the film has yet to change its July 18, 2015 release date. It’s still a big freaking mess.

As for Edgar Wright’s return, it could happen theoretically, in that the universe is filled with infinite possibilities. But if his walking was part of a power struggle over who would be the real boss behind the picture, re-hiring him would cede a lot of control to Wright, and probably more control than Marvel would ever want to give to a director.

Who would you like to see direct Ant-Man?