doctor strange

Seemingly having learned their lesson when attempting to entrust the Ant-Man franchise to a director with an established and satisfying vision, Marvel has selected a director for its upcoming Doctor Strange film.  And it’s the guy who made The Day the Earth Stood Still remake with Keanu Reeves, a Hellraiser sequel, and the Exorcism of Emily Rose.

That’s right, Scott Derrickson, whose last film was 2012’s Sinister (and who helmed the upcoming Deliver Us From Evil), will be directing Marvel’s Doctor Strange.   Derrickson’s an interesting choice for a couple of reasons—he seems to be a relatively safe choice who Marvel and Disney can control (unlike Edgar Wright), and he’s a director thoroughly entrenched in the horror genre.  The latter makes sense, as Doctor Strange is a sorcerer who protects the world from evil threats of the mystical and magical variety.

While the deal is reportedly not 100% locked down, Derrickson offered this image up on Twitter, with a caption reading “My next movie will be STRANGE.”

scott derrickson doctor strange

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Source:  /Film