This has been a strange summer movie-wise, as we’ve seen a number of films open big and then struggle — it’s like word of mouth is a thing of the past. So far, nothing has really held the public’s interest after the opening weekend. So will Michael Bay‘s Transformers: Age of Extinction buck that trend?  These new TV spots suggest it might.

It’s surprising that no film thus far has cracked the hundred million dollar mark in its three day opening weekend this year, and that’s even with the cheating that comes with all 8pm or later shows being included in the Friday gross. The last Transformers movie made over a billion worldwide, but — though there’s no denying the event status of these movies — no one seems all that enthused about the films, and this looks like a whole lot more of the same. But if it’s worked three times, why not a fourth? Here are those TV spots:

There would be something awesome and frightening if this film tanks (which it probably won’t, but still). That would suggest that comic book movies and giant robots have plateaued in interest and perhaps audiences are ready to move on to something else, though it could also be that this May was loaded with movies that no one cared about, while later entries in franchises (which, arguably, all the big summer movies so far are), are bound to be front-loaded. Perhaps these TV spots, which feature Silicon Valley star T.J. Miller in more footage than we’d seen previous, and Autobots riding Dinobots will build audiences into a fever of anticipation. There’s also the goodwill that comes with the movie starring Mark Wahlberg, so we’ll see. Transformers 4 opens June 27.

Will you be there opening weekend for the film?