This weekend showed that Disney knows how to market their brand as Maleficent opened to seventy million, and has a shot at making more money than either Godzilla or The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It also showed that maybe Seth MacFarlane will not be transitioning into movie stardom.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Maleficent $70,000,000 $17,730 $70,000,000
2 X-Men: Days of Future Past $32,600,000 (-64.1) $8,148 $162,069,000
3 A Million Ways to Die in the West $17,069,000 $5,405 $17,069,000
4 Godzilla $12,225,000 (-60.5) $3,492 $174,657,000
5 Blended $8,425,000 (-41.0)
$2,370 $29,632,000
6 Neighbors $7,715,000 (-45.0) $2,625 $128,601,000
7 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 $3,775,000 (-51.7) $1,754 $192,730,000
8 Million Dollar Arm $3,700,000 (-46.9) $1,589 $28,097,000
9 Chef $2,009,000 (-11.4) $3,220 $6,924,000
10 The Other Woman $1,425,000 (-61.6) $1,279 $81,112,000

Is Maleficent part of a franchise? Yes and no. Original properties (such as they are these days) often have better legs than sequels, which are usually front-loaded. Maleficent is no original property, but it’s also not connected to a previous movie in a way that is limiting. Which means it could do $160 domestic, or it could do $260 Million all in. Ultimately the success of the movie reflects that this summer has been teenage boy-driven so far, and this is the only movie that seemed more for women and younger children. I would guess it does in the two hundred million range, and might not be crippled by How to Train Your Dragon 2, as that is also male-centric.

Seth MacFarlane got to make a starring vehicle for himself after the success of Ted. He may get to do the same after the success of Ted 2. Even though this is something of a bomb MacFarlane is going nowhere, though Universal may be able to manage a follow up to his lead work with more control. A Million Ways to Die in the West will probably get to fifty domestic, but that’s about it.

The big takeaway from this summer so far: Opening over $90 Million is no guarantee that your film will make $200 Million domestic. X-Men sailed past $100 Million in its four day, and it may limp past $200 Million all in domestic. Godzilla may not make it to $200, and Spider-Man is likely to just make it there. But that’s where international is taking over, as all but Godzilla have substantially larger worldwide numbers.

Reality Check: I went a little low on Maleficent and a little high on West. The big disappointment is how hard X-Men fell. That’s gotta hurt.

What did you watch this weekend?