What If

Daniel Radcliffle is not just the boy who lived, and the new trailer for What If suggests he could have a promising career as a romantic lead. In the film he wants to romance Zoe Kazan, but she’s got a boyfriend, which means he’s stuck in “The Friend Zone” (we say that because the original title of the film was “The F Word”).

The trailer also presents the film’s charming supporting cast, which includes future Star Wars: Episode VII star Adam Driver, MacKenzie Davis and Rafe Spall, while the film as directed by Michael Dowse, who previously helmed the underrated hockey comedy Goon. We suspect this could be one of the better romantic comedies of late, perhaps sneakier than the trailer suggests. Check it out:

This could be good, but it does pose a question: Aren’t we as a culture at a point where we should maybe steer away from romanticizing the Friend zone? Films like this seem to posit that maybe relationships could work out if you stick around until one person leaves their significant other, and though rom-coms need obstacles, perhaps that isn’t the best message to present, or at least the real life antecedents are either unpleasant or lead to affairs. Or, as is sometimes the case, lead to actual friendships. But the latter is less cinematic. What If hits theaters August 1.

Have you ever been put in the friend zone?