Last September, we reported to you that Stargate was the latest film being placed on the block for a remake/reboot/hey-let’s-turn-this-thing-into-a-trilogy treatment, and now we’ve received word that not only will Stargate be getting a remake, the original director, Roland Emmerich, will be returning to remake it.

Yep, he’ll be remaking his own film—just as soon as he finishes strip-mining another film of his, Independence Day, for sequels, as he plans on shooting Independence Day 2 and Independence Day 3 back-to-back.  Because of course.

We’re not entirely sure why this is on the books at the moment; as /Film notes, Independence Day 2 won’t see a release until 2016, and so at the very best Independence Day 3 might see a release in 2017, or 2018.  Meaning, if a proposed Stargate trilogy is going to be filmed, we likely won’t see anything from Emmerich until the 2020s.  So…mark your calendars, I guess, for the film series that got announced today and will see release in maybe a decade.

What do you think of the Stargate news?