We tend to hate on Hollywood studios because of the movie projects they choose to fund (Transformers 4, anyone?). So much of typical Hollywood product tends to be huge, expensive spectacles with little-to-no story, heavy special effects and poor acting. So, we at ScreenCrave have decided to help jump behind the indie film. Below you’ll find some of the best indie trailers of the week, plus unknown projects featured on sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo that need your help to get made. Check out this week’s picks below.

  • CLOUDS OF SILS: One of the more critically successful films to come out of this year’s Cannes Festival is Olivier AssayasClouds of Sils Maria, which stars Juliette Binoche, Kristen Stewart and Chloe Moretz–an interesting trio indeed. The film tells the story of an aging actress named Maria Enders (Binoche) who, at the peak of her international career, is asked to perform in a revival of the play that made her famous 25 years ago. Moretz plays the younger actress who gets to interpret Ender’s former role in the new movie, and drives her a little mad; Stewart is Ender’s loyal assistant Valentine. There’s no U.S. release date for the film yet, but here’s the new trailer:

  • FOXCATCHER: Below we have the very first teaser trailer for dramatic film Foxcatcher, starring Steve Carell as an overweight millionaire named John du Pont, whose “notorious relationship with Olympic gold medal-winning wrestler Dave Schultz (Mark Ruffalo) ended with the grisly demise of the professional athlete.” The film is directed by Moneyball helmer Bennett Miller, and also stars Channing Tatum. Foxcatcher will hit theaters November 14, 2014.

  • THE CONGRESS: Robin Wright loses her identity in Ari Folman‘s follow-up to 2008′s Waltz With Bashir. Adapted from Stanislaw Lem‘s dark sci-fi novel The Futurological Congress, The Congress tells the story of an actress named Robin Wright who agrees to be digitized for money and to help her sick son by giving up the control of her own identity. Folman is tackling this mind-bender by combining live-action and animation, and it looks like he’s done an awesome job. The cast also includes Harvey Keitel, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Danny Huston, Jon Hamm and Paul Giamatti. The film will be available in theaters and VOD August 29, 2014. Here’s the U.S. trailer:

Indie Fundraiser Pick of the Week:

  • LAST GIRL STANDING: The idea for Last Girl Standing came to writer/director Ben Moody after he caught the end of a slasher movie he had seen a lot of times. In the movie, one girl was left standing, after all of her friends had been brutally murdered by a masked killer. Moody asked himself, what happens to that final girl after the movie is over? And so Last Girl Standing was born. The film tells the story of a lone survivor of a horrific massacre who attempts to reclaim her shattered life, but when the killer returns, she’s faced with more problems. Currently, Moody is trying to raise funds via Kickstarter to cover blood and gore effects. Head over to the site to find out how you can help.

Those are the projects we have for you this week. Be sure to check back every week for our Best Indie Film Trailers of the Week–helping you stay informed about indie cinema.

Which of these projects interests you?