Fans of HBO’s hit series True Detective haven’t stopped speculating about who will replace Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in Season 2. But the truth is, casting hasn’t even started yet. True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto recently revealed that casting will begin in the “coming months” and that this time there will be three leads instead of two.

Immediately after the first season of True Detective finished, it was revealed that the coming season would be about “hard women, bad men and the secret occult history of the United States transportation system.” Now we’re learning that the show will also be heading to California, though not Los Angeles.

In a radio interview with To The Best Of Our Knowledge (via /Film), Pizzolatto dropped some new details on True Detective season 2.

“Right now, we’re working with three leads. It takes place in California – not Los Angeles, but some of the much lesser known venues of California – and we’re not going to try to capture a certain psychosphere ambiance of the place, much like we did in season one. The characters are all new, but I’m deeply in love with each of them. We’ve got the entire series broken out with a couple of scripts, and we’ll probably start casting in earnest in the coming months.”

We’re still a long way from getting a synopsis for the second season, but so far we have some juicy new details and it all seems very interesting. True Detective Season 2 will take us to the lesser known parts of California, where we’ll be uncovering some secrets about the occult history of the United States transportation system. (Sound appealing?) As for which actors will be starring next time around, it looks like the writers don’t even know the answer to that one. Jessica Chastain was just a rumor, though she would’ve been perfect for this show. Still, True Detective has garnered a good rep and we’re sure Pizzolatto and company can get some top-notch actors to come aboard for one season.

What do you think? Who should be cast to star in True Detective Season 2?