Edgar Wright fans curious as to what the Cornetto Trilogy director will do next following his abrupt and surprising exit from Marvel and Disney’s Ant-Man last week now have an answer—Wright is set to adapt the classic TV show The Night Stalker with Johnny Depp.

The TV show—originally starring Darren McGavin—concerned a reporter who constantly became involved with paranormal goings-on as he worked a crime beat.  The film has long been on Wright’s slate, and now that he’s left Ant-Man, he’s free to make with Johnny Depp, who will star as the reporter Carl Kolchak.

Something interesting about this, however: rumor has it that Wright left Ant-Man due to Disney meddling with the script, insisting that the film tame down Wright’s vision and become a more family friendly affair…making it somewhat interesting that Wright would be willing to make a Disney film starring Johnny Depp.

What do you think about Wright’s next move?

Source:  /Film