X-Men: Days of Future Past was a risk, but right now Fox has got to feel pretty good about the whole thing as they’ve taken the top spot this Memorial day weekend, and will easily clear a hundred million tomorrow. But as this is Fox’s second most expensive film ever, it’s going to need to play big internationally. The good news: It has.

Film Weekend Per Screen
1 X-Men: Days of Future Past $90,700,000 $22,698 $90,700,000
2 Godzilla $31,425,000 (-66.3) $7,952 $148,773,000
3 Blended $14,425,000 $4,007 $14,245,000
4 Neighbors $13,946,000 (-44.4) $4,270 $113,626,000
5 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 $7,800,000 (-53.6)
$2,468 $184,900,000
6 Million Dollar Arm $7,093,000 (-32.5) $2,349 $20,628,000
7 The Other Woman $3,675,000 (-41.7) $1,706 $77,773,000
8 Rio 2 $2,500,000 (-33.2) $1,470 $121,598,000
9 Chef $2,260,000 (+218.9) $4,538 $3,548,000
10 Heaven Is for Real $1,950,000 (-55.5) $1,134 $85,750,000

Future Past joins Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and Godzilla as one of the four films to open over $90 Million this year, though no summer movie has yet to hit nine digits in three days. Captain America just left the top ten and will end its run around $260 Million, while it’s unknown if Spider-Man or Godzilla will cross the two hundred mark, or get much past it. But Future Past opened to over $170 Million internationally, so it’s almost guaranteed this will be the biggest X-film worldwide (all it has to do is get past $460 Million, which should be easy as it’s already at $261 after three days). Then again, the film may have cost over $300 Million to make, and it may need to make more than $750 Million to turn a profit. Regardless, no one’s going to sneer at it, and it’s looking like a good gamble.

Godzilla collapsed. It could have been that it was the first summer picture that people got excited by, but the holiday weekend couldn’t cushion the blow. Regardless, the director is now doing a Star Wars movie, and it’s already over $300 Million internationally, which means it should make it close to if not over half a billion worldwide.

Blended also ate it. You can say that Adam Sandler is done, but his last two films opened to over $40 Million and made over a hundred domestically, while before that Jack and Jill made it to $75 Million after a $25 Million opening. That’s My Boy also tanked, but that was also one of the only R-rated Sandler comedies. I think the big problem is that people who might be nostalgic for either The Wedding Singer or 50 First Dates either have kids now or are divorced/broken up from whomever they saw those films with. Sandler’s been around for over twenty years, and his fanbase is approaching middle age. Maybe they don’t need a date movie.

Neighbors blew past $100 Million this weekend, though it’s not holding in a way that suggest it can get much past $150 Million. But since it was done on the cheap that’s a huge victory. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is now doing less business than the comparable X2, which got near $215 Million for its domestic total. At this point, Sony is likely to get the film to $200 Million domestic, but next week it’s going to start bleeding screens, so at best it gets to $210 Million. Sony has talked about expecting to do a billion worldwide with the film, and though it might match TASM‘s $750 Million worldwide total, there’s no way it gets anywhere close to a billion. Like, anywhere. Sony is going to lose money on this film, at least theatrically, and it’s going to do fifty million less than the last film. But yeah, they’re going to make two sequels and two spinoffs…

Reality Check: I went high for the weekend.

What did you watch this weekend?