Michel Gondry has tried to thread the needle of working in Hollywood while still remaining himself, so it seems he went back to France to recharge his batteries after The Green Hornet and the lack of attention paid to The We and the I. His latest film is Mood Indigo, and it definitely has that Gondry feel of the fantastic and the melancholic, at least going by the trailer.

Here we see Romain Duris and Audrey Tautou are the leads, and it feels shocking it took this long for Gondry and Tautou to work together. If only Wes Anderson were involved, it might be the twee singularity. The trailer features the sort of inspired and slightly depressed fantasies one comes to expect of Gondry, the nice thing is that he’s working from an adaptation of a novel, as he can get a little lost in his head (though we liked his Science of Sleep, it definitely spends some time looking at its navel). Here’s that trailer:

Gondry won an academy award for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and seemed a perfect partner for Charlie Kaufman, which makes the last ten years of his career somewhat depressing. He’s gone his own way and made interesting films like Science, and seems drawn to documentaries, but — at least going by Be Kind, Rewind and The Green Hornet – he doesn’t seem to know how to work in modern Hollywood. Which is depressing as he’s proven to be one of the most inventive directors around. Perhaps working in France will give him the creative freedom he needs. Mood Indigo is coming to theaters — from Drafthouse Films — July 18.

Are you excited for Mood Indigo?