Magic in the Moonlight

Woody Allen‘s latest movie is titled Magic in the Moonlight, and if you’ve been watching his films for a while, it will feel familiar. Magic and magicians have been in his films since at least Stardust Memories, and played a part in Alice, New York Stories and Scoop, to name a few. Now there’s a trailer for the film.

And one thing this features that hasn’t been in a Woody Allen film before is this cast, which includes Emma Stone and Colin Firth. It’s the story of a magician, who — like Houdini — spends his spare time debunking mystics. But Emma Stone plays the latest possible fraud and, well, she’s Emma Stone (and he’s Colin Firth!) and like that Paula Abdul song “Opposites Attract.” Here’s that trailer:

It’s indelicate to get into, but with the release of the film, we’ll see if the most recent allegations about the sexual scandal that Allen was embroiled in twenty years ago will make a difference at the box office. Though there was a bunch of noise, there were no new recriminations, and if Allen’s audience is mostly made up of fans and older audience members, they’ve heard these allegations before, and it hasn’t stopped them from going to his films (though his normal audience is relatively small). That said, the Academy (and Cate Blanchett) showed that they didn’t care about it, so perhaps it won’t even be an issue when the film opens July 25.

Do you want to see Magic in the Moonlight?