batman v superman dawn of justice

In the spirit of good ol’ fashioned competition, it seems that Warner Bros. wasn’t content allowing Paramount to have one of the worst sequel film titles of all time with Star Trek Into Darkness.  As such, they’ve actually managed to come up with an official title for the Batman Vs. Superman film that’s even worse than Batman Vs. Superman.

And that title is: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Because it harkens the beginning of the Justice League, guys!  Is that clear?  Everybody got that?  An eventual Justice League sequel is coming!  Oh, and hey, it says “Batman” because Batman is in it!  Oh, and “Superman” because Superman is in it!  And it says “V” because they fight each other, and V looks cooler than Vs, I guess?

It’s all a rather insulting title, as Warner Bros. apparently doesn’t trust audiences to gather from the eventual onslaught of neverending marketing that the goddamn film is going to be about Batman and Superman punching each other until they eventually team up to fight an even greater foe and then go on to form the Justice League.  Actually, that would be a title on par with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice:

Batman V Superman: This Goddamn Film Is Going to be About Batman And Superman Punching Each Other Until They Eventually Team Up To Fight An Even Greater Foe And Then Go On To Form The Justice League.

Has ring to it, doesn’t it?

What do you think about the film’s title?