Kingsman The Secret Service

Well, if you ever wanted to see a Colin Firth action movie, here’s your chance: The trailer for Kingsman: The Secret Service (formerly known as The Secret Service) suggests that the Oscar winner has prepped with wire work and is ready to not only train young spies but also deliver some form of foot to butt.

The film comes from Matthew Vaughn, who has a pretty good track record, all things (Layer Cake, Stardust, Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class), and also stars Michael Caine and Samuel L. Jackson, so it could be fun. The trailer looks smart, but also a little familiar. We’ve seen training movies before (heck, Vaughn’s last film followed a similar formula), but not within the spy world like this, though it seems similar to the start of Men in Black, except without a lead character who’s cocky about his chances. Here’s that trailer:

We’ve also got a poster for the film:


With a late fall release date, it’s hard to say how happy Fox is with the picture, but at this point we’re going to see odder possible blockbusters avoid the summer and Christmas periods in fear of the more gigantic blockbusters like the Hobbit films and Star Wars and comic book movies — though Marvel’s made an interesting path by releasing their films in off seasons as well. Right now only January is really coming across like a weak month for movies (and maybe September), so this could be a huge hit. We’ll see when the movie hits theaters October 24.

What’s your favorite Matthew Vaughn film?