Godzilla made a lot of dough over the weekend. So much so that Legendary and Warner Bros. are ready to give the monster movie a sequel. And it makes perfect sense: Over the weekend, Godzilla pulled in $93 million domestically, including an opening day total of $38.5 million, which is the best first-day gross of the entire year. So, who’s ready for seconds? Legendary and Warner Bros., that’s who!

Deadline reports (via /Film) that the companies are discussing sequel plans, though nothing has been said concerning the story, or who’s coming back. Also, Gareth Edwards hasn’t been confirmed as director, but guesses are that the job is his if he wants it. Edwards had previously mentioned that he would “use the same kind of restraint he did for his one” if there were to be a sequel so chances are he’s totally game for Godzilla 2.

Still, this is the first time we hear of any sequel plans. Legendary never hinted at a sequel because they were waiting to see how opening week went first. And so far it’s been going great. On the international level, Godzilla made $103 million, and that’s only weekend numbers.

Godzilla seemed to do pretty well with critics as well, scoring a 72% of freshness on Rotten Tomatoes. But sites have already began to publish pieces on why Godzilla shouldn’t get a sequel. Plus, Edwards previously said that “once you deliver a certain level of spectacle, it’s hard to go back and still be in awe of something.” Yes, sequel culture is tricky, because most sequels are never as good as the original, but then there are franchises, like Harry Potter and The Dark Knight trilogy that just hit it out of the ball park.

Do you think a Godzilla sequel is a good idea? What did you think of the first film?