Godzilla seems to have come at the right time, as audiences hungry for summer entertainment gave it more business in its opening weekend than they did The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in its opening weekend. That’s huge, and it’s no surprise sequel talk is already happening.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Godzilla $93,205,000 $23,584 $93,205,000
2 Neighbors $25,991,000 (-47.0) $7,850 $91,517,000
3 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 $16,800,000 (-52.7) $4,209 $172,170,000
4 Million Dollar Arm $10,511,000 $3,482 $10,511,000
5 The Other Woman $6,300,000 (-34.4)
$2,063 $71,664,000
6 Heaven Is for Real $4,400,000 (-41.2) $1,521 $82,249,000
7 Rio 2 $3,800,000 (-24.4) $1,603 $118,051,000
8 Captain America: The Winter Soldier $3,759,000 (-34.6) $1,655 $250,627,000
9 Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return $1,952,000 (-47.9) $757 $6,559,000
10 Moms’ Night Out $1,900,000 (-55.9) $1,816 $7,327,000

Godzilla is virtually guaranteed to cross the $200 Million mark domestically, and it’s already over a hundred million internationally, so the film is going to make a profit and then some. The B+ cinemascore suggests audiences weren’t in love with the film, and it would normally fall around 60% next weekend, but as it’s a holiday, it’s likely to do an additional $50 Million over the four day, which means it could get as high as $250 Million. Could.

Neighbors will cross the hundred million dollar mark either by Thursday or on Friday of next week. And there’s no sense that it’s going to stop any time soon — it could level out and play to over $150, possibly even get close to $200.  Million Dollar Arm is a disappointment, and doesn’t speak well to Jon Hamm‘s post-Mad Men career, but people are going to want to work with him. Maybe he should make a comedy.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opened bigger than X2, but it’s just about keeping pace with that film’s box office (though it’s now lagging behind it a little). That film made $215 Million domestic, this film should do a little less. Next week the film should cross the half billion mark internationally, but it will need international to get over $750 Million, which was considered the film’s break-even mark. It may make more money than The Amazing Spider-Man did internationally, but otherwise it is on track to be the lowest grossing Spider-Man movie ever.

Reality Check: I thought Godzilla would open, but not that big. Surprise.

What did you watch this weekend?