So you’re a Star Wars fan.  You wake up this morning, have a little coffee, and get online for a few moments to see if any news has been released from the Star Wars: Episode VII production.  And gasp!  You see a slew of headlines indicating that the first images from the production have been released, from the first day of principal photography, no less!

Then you click a link, and you see that it’s just a goddamn production clapboard.  Seriously.  And it doesn’t even have the film’s full name.

star wars episode VII clapboard

But wait!  You learn that a second image is being released!  Ok, ok, this could be the one that finally shows us Han!  Or the new villain! Or… it’s just a shot of the outside of the studio where filming is taking place.  And they put up a big VII poster.  And that’s it.

star wars episode VII pinewood studios

Well, that certainly was exciting.

What do you think of the Star Wars news?

Source:  /Film