Whatever you might have expected from Christopher Nolan after The Dark Knight Rises, it probably wasn’t what Interstellar looks like, at least in the latest trailer. Matthew McConaughey plays a father who comes across as downright Spielbergian, a character that would feel at home in a film like Close Encounters of the Third Kind. At least it seems that way going by this new trailer.

And though the film has a deep bench of supporting players, the focus is on McConaughey and his kids more than people like Casey Affleck or Jessica Chastain (who are briefly glimpsed), though Michael Caine gets a good moment or two. There is definitely a heart to this movie, which is something that Christopher Nolan hasn’t really done much of. His films — though calling them cold seems a disservice — haven’t been driven by many emotions outside of revenge, justice or curiosity (Inception comes the closest to having a heart on its sleeve). Here’s that trailer:

And yes the McConaisance is in full swing as few actors could play this character and have both the age appropriateness, while also being believable as a pilot and engineer. This looks like a bold exciting and unexpected movie from all involved, and (surprisingly for Nolan) a little more Spielberg than Kubrick. Interstellar hits theaters November 7.

Are you into Interstellar?