Honestly, this is the first bit of news about the new Point Break that has us excited. The remake of the classic Kathryn Bigelow, surf and robbery story recently lost Gerard Butler, whose stock has risen a little after the success of last year’s Olympus Has Fallen, but he’s been replaced by Edgar Ramirez, who will play the film’s equivalent of Patrick Swayze’s Bodhi character.

Let’s face facts: Gerard Butler had his shot, he had his chance to be a big movie star, but as Robert De Niro famously said, he “bleeeew it.” 300 made the actor, but after films like The Ugly Truth and Gamer and The Bounty Hunter up to 2012′s double header of terrible Chasing Mavericks and Playing for Keeps (and don’t 90% of these movies sound like mad lib titles/fake movies), it’s hard to give a hoot about anything Butler does.

While Ramirez is a real actor. He got his big break in Tony Scott’s Domino in 2005, and then ended up in Steven Soderbergh‘s Che and starred in Olivier Assayas’ Carlos as Carlos the Jackal. Hollywood came calling after that, and he was supposedly close to playing Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness, but more recently he’s appeared in films like Zero Dark Thirty and The Counselor. So, by all evidence, it’s a trade up.