Though Scarlett Johansson has played kick ass in the Marvel Universal as Natasha Romanov (as known as Black Widow), unlike the men she’s around in those films she’s yet to play someone with super powers. So maybe that’s the fun of starring in Luc Besson‘s Lucy, where she becomes the smartest person on Earth and has telekinetic powers, as can be seen in the film’s latest international trailer.

Actually, it’s hard to say actually what all her powers are as the drug she unintentionally ingests seems to keep opening her mind to more and more powers, but there’s also a down side because it’s a movie. As you can see, she can tear a room up and teleconference in with Morgan Freeman at the drop of a hat, but also may be falling apart. Here’s that trailer:

This comes from Luc Besson, who’s become a master at high concept action films having written and produced both the Transporter and Taken franchises, though he’s probably best known for directing either The Professional or The Fifth Element. Lucy seems like a throwback to that era of 1990′s filmmaking with its high concept — but here done with CG tricks that were inconceivable back then. It could be fun, it could be stupid, or it could be stupid fun. We’ll see when Lucy hits theaters August 8.

What’s your favorite Luc Besson film?