Harmony Korine‘s Spring Breakers was one of the rarest albeit also interesting films of 2013. Not necessarily for its spring break shenanigans–there are a lot of movies about wild teenage girls–but because of Korine’s unique dreamy style and, of course, the participation of one James Franco. So when news came that producers Wild Bunch were making a sequel without Korine at the helm, our reaction was, huh? Seriously, how can anyone else capture the strange magic from the first film if not Korine?

Spring Breakers: The Second Coming is set to be directed by Swedish music video director Jonas Akerlund. And according to James Franco, who played the gangster-rapper Alien in the indie sensation, Korine never gave his consent. The actor posted a video on his Instagram of him in-character as Alien eating a rice cake and wrote:

“ALIEN IN REHAB! And BTW F*** that SBers 2 BS, they’re doing it without HARMONY’s CONSENT. Sounds LAME AS A MUTHA!”

Without Korine, the sequel will have a completely different vibe. Also from the looks of it, Franco’s Alien won’t be a part of the picture, and without him, the film won’t be as compelling.

We’re not sure who will be returning for the sequel, but according to sources The Second Coming will see old and new spring breakers battle an extreme militant Christian sect that attempts to convert them. This sounds like some straight-to-DVD stuff, don’t you think?

Were you a fan of Spring Breakers?

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