Revenge-Execution-Madeleine Stowe and Emily VanCamp
The season finale of Revenge was everything we hoped for.  “Execution” was a huge moment for Emily and Victoria, with everyone else’s fate hanging in the balance. Retribution thy name in Emily, and though the journey is over for now, the quest lives on.

The Players:

  • Director: Kenneth Fink
  • Writer: Sunil Nayar and Joe Fazzio
  • Cast: Emily VanCamp, Madeleine Stowe, Henry Czerny, Josh Bowman, Nick Wechsler, Gabriel Mann, Christa B. Allen, Barry Sloane, James Tupper, Karine Vanasse, Daniel Zovatto, Emily Alyn Lind, Henri Esteve, Amy Landecker, John Rubinstien, David Starzyk, Monique Gabriela Curnen, Wade Williams

Episode Title: “Execution”

Emily and Victoria go after each other in open warfare.

The Good:

  • Dead or Alive: Conrad did try to get off using the kidnapping distress ploy, but a packet of evidence, probably from Emily, prevented that. A beating from a guard, and Conrad ended up weeping in the jail’s chapel, wondering why his desires were so great. That same guard helped break him out under the guise of a priest.  Conrad thought an unknown benefactor was working to his advantage. For a fleeting moment we thought Emily might have arranged another comeuppance, but no. The man who stabbed Conrad, leaving his blood running through the lonely road was none other than David Clarke himself. Yes, Emily’s father lives, and no, it wasn’t the Creepy Cabin Man. Though we’ve scoffed at the possibility of his return, the melee of the prison fight would have been enough distraction to spirit him away.  This will mean everything. Emily has been acting in her father’s interest—taking on a new identity, dedicating her life, getting her hands irretrievably dirty—all in his honor.  With him alive, we’re guessing some of those reunion notes are going to be sour.
  • Doctor’s Orders: So the Creepy Cabin Man was working entirely on Victoria’s orders, sending letters and what not to hook Emily.  It worked, but at the cabin, Emily knocked out or possibly killed the guy before he could explain the point of the syringe he stuck in her leg.  Of course, that’s when then unimaginable happened: David’s case was not only reopened, but he was posthumously (ha ha) exonerated of all charges.  With Victoria free, there was still time for heartbreak. When Aiden turns up at Victoria’s therapist to implore her to testify against her benefactor. This only led to her drugging Aiden and allowing Victoria to enter and suffocate him. Emily used the doctor’s guilt from Aiden’s demise to blackmail her into committing Victoria. The trap Emily laid by leaving a hint about the gravesites with Charlotte led to her brilliant conquering. Victoria is left top the same faith she bequeathed and innocent eight year old girl, a more than fitting end for her manipulative and evil history. She’ll be back though.
  • Charges Pending: Who would have thought a reassuring shoulder squeeze would have been Jack’s undoing? Charlotte’s anger over Jack confiding the ring in Emily was abated and renewed when he touched her.  Victims remember every touch from their attackers, though Jack wasn’t really thinking when he tried to reassure Charlotte that they’re on the same side.  Now he’s off to the police station for questioning for a kidnapping he didn’t plan or agree with.  It’s hard to imagine just how he’ll get off. He’s not going to be able to account for his whereabouts for anytime except for the actual abduction. All that will prove is Jack had help.
  • Doing Business: Had Nolan not been wrapped up in his own subterfuge, he might have been able to find some technological defense for the show’s punching bag, Jack. When Javier stopped by to make amends, Nolan told his protégée not to stray too far from the Hamptons, as MYCLONE would be theirs again soon. We knew Nolan’s harsh attitude would be amended when Javier saw reason. Too bad Nolan still hasn’t learned not to get in bed with dirty dudes—at least this time it’s just business. Getting Margaux’s little brother on his side led to a girl overdosing on coke in bed with Daniel.  This may not be thee way that Nolan works, but Gideon doesn’t seem the type to let Nolan off easily.  He’s going to want a hand in MYCLONE for sure, and considering what he’s willing to do to put Daniel on ice, there’s no telling what he’s capable of.


“Execution” should have been called “All Hail the Conquering Hero.”  For better or worse, Conrad is dead and Victoria is locked in an asylum; everything Emily has worked for has finally happened in all its crashing glory.  We’re Team Jack for sure, but we didn’t’ want Aiden’s departure to mean an upsetting murder for Emily. She takes it all in stride and she’ll have to. With her real love about to be locked away, and the man she’s been avenging looming in the shadows, the road ahead is a rough one still. Not to mention that meddlesome little sister of hers. Obviously Charlotte’s holding an understandable grudge about the kidnapping. Who knows how she’ll react when she finds out her sister’s role in it, or about her sister at all. Nolan’s embroiled in bad business and Victoria won’t stay on ice forever. Next season is going to be a bumpy ride.

Rating: 10/10

Revenge airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on ABC

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