jurassic world

Since the upcoming Jurassic World film features an all-new cast, a new director to the franchise (Colin Trevorrow), and seems to be setting up an all new film series within the franchise, it makes sense that the music would change as well—meaning that legendary composer John Williams will not be returning to Jurassic Park in 2015.

As /Film notes, Williams will likely be spending his upcoming months scoring the newest Star Wars film, and so Jurassic World will now be scored by Michael Giacchino.

Giachhino, whose score for Up won an Academy Award, has written the music for a varied series of films, from Mission: Impossible III to Ratatouille to the Star Trek reboots to Cloverfield to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

For those who might balk at a Williams-less Jurassic Park film, director Trevorrow had this to say:

Michael Giacchino is a fiercely creative musical mind and a true ‘Jurassic Park’ fan. While this new score will honor the indelible work of John Williams, our mission is the same as the film itself–to create something bold and new for people who love dinosaurs.

What do you think of the Jurassic World news?