ALL YOU NEED IS KILLWe haven’t heard much about the Tom Cruise vehicle Edge of Tomorrow since it changed its name from All You Need is Kill to the much more forgettable title it has now, but the latest trailer has us intrigued.  How interesting/fun will it be to see Cruise, alongside Bill Paxton and Emily Blunt, get killed repeatedly? (And also be reborn)

The full “interactive” trailer is available on TNT’s website, but we’ve got the extended look below. There’s definitely a scale to what director Doug Liman is doing with the material, even if the mech suits, tech and aliens look a little familiar. But also, though Oblivion was a bit dull, Jack Reacher and the last Mission: Impossible made us realize how much we like Tom Cruise, and older goofier Cruise usually has a nose for good material. Here’s that trailer:

This summer is off to an interesting start, considering that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is underperforming, and Neighbors did amazing business. Perhaps by the time Edge of Tomorrow comes around people will want to see a big budget movie that isn’t based on an existing property that’s setting up a sequel even though maybe people don’t like what they’re being served. Perhaps Spider-Man and Godzilla and X-Men: Days of Future Past will get people stoked for something that isn’t based on material that’s over fifty years old. We shall see. Edge of Tomorrow opens June 6.

Which do you prefer: Edge of Tomorrow or All You Need is Kill?