As much as comic book movies have become the dominant and consistent blockbuster for the studios, comic books make for a better fit on television. Their serialized nature is best exploited when you only have to wait a week over waiting years for the next adventure. So it’s very likely that Constantine, which was made into a movie in 2005 that starred Keanu Reeves, will be a much better TV show than movie.

Though it’s hard to get super pumped over this first clip and trailer. Television shows can only be so big and so effects sequences and stunt work is often a little lacking. John Constantine is a supernatural detective/confidence man who first appeared in Alan Moore’s run of Swamp Thing, and has had a long running comic book that’s often titled Hellblazer. Now he’s coming to NBC via David Goyer, DC’s master chef.  Here’s the show’s trailer:

And here’s the first clip:

Again, the show seems to show the limitations of its budget in this footage. NBC showed that they spent some money, but an episode that costs five or even ten million to make can’t compete with studios that spend hundreds of millions on their comic book movies. This footage — though perhaps just taken from the pilot — doesn’t suggest that it’s going to be a case of the week show, more than there’s going to be a growing mythology and perhaps one case will take an entire season. But we’ll see. Constantine will be on Fridays this fall.

Do you think Hellblazer will work as a TV show?