The Seth Rogen/Zac Efron vehicle Neighbors had the potential to blow up, but Universal and many thought the film would open in the mid-$30 Million range at best.  Yeah, that was a low estimate, the film made over fifty million this weekend. Also, in a suprise to no one paying attention, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 collapsed this weekend.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Neighbors $51,070,000 $15,575 $51,070,000
2 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 $37,200,000 (-59.4) $8,603 $147,900,000
3 The Other Woman $9,250,000 (-35.8) $2,798 $61,730,000
4 Heaven Is for Real $7,000,000 (-18.6) $2,297 $75,220,000
5 Captain America: The Winter Soldier $5,619,000 (-27.7)
$2,080 $244,997,000
6 Rio 2 $5,125,000 (-33.5) $1,724 $113,165,000
7 Moms’ Night Out $4,200,000 $4,023 $4,200,000
8 Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return $3,705,000 $1,439 $3,705,000
9 Divergent $1,700,000 (-22.1) $1,379 $145,024,000
10 Brick Mansions $1,480,000 (-59.9) $757 $18,328,000

With an additional $34 Million overseas, Neighbors is about to break the hundred million dollar mark worldwide. Considering the film has a reported budget of $18 Million, the film should already be in profit, but that’s not how it works, considering that Universal likely ponied up $50 Million for advertising, etc. If the film doesn’t collapse next weekend, it could very well make $200 Million domestic, and even if it was an opening weekend picture, it’s still in line to make $120-$130 Million. But this isn’t a sequel or horror film, so that sort of drop is unlikely.

At nearly $148 Million, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is pacing alongside Thor: The Dark World (which was at $145 Million by the second weekend, though it opened smaller, and got to $206 Million) and x2 (which was at $147 Million after ten days, but also opened a little smaller, and got to $215 Million), which puts Spidey on track to make somewhere between $200- $220 Million for its final cume. Next weekend it could be totally kneecapped by Godzilla as it will be bleeding 3D and Imax screens, and Memorial Day won’t provide much of a boost.

Internationally, the film is playing a little stronger, and it should have one of highest international grosses for a Spider-Man film, but domestically it’s looking to be at least $40 Million off the last film (which made $262 Million), possibly more — it depends on how fast it collapses, though between weekdays and Memorial day, it seems nearly impossible for the film not to cross the $200 Million dollar mark. But if it doesn’t, then the film will be spoken of as a massive failure, the sort where when the make the next one they have to apologize for this one. But it seems audiences agree with critics on this one that the film is a “meh,” so it is conceivable the film won’t cross $200. That would be huge, so it’s unlikely that Sony will let that happen (they can limp it there).

Otherwise, The Other Woman and Heaven is for Real are knocking it out of the park, and both should be nice little prize winners for their studios. The latter has the better chance of making it to $100 Million, which would be the victory, but both should have been cheap and both should be in profit. The other non-Neighbors new films flopped, but who didn’t see that coming? Rio 2 is all about the international numbers (it’s over $400 Million worldwide), while Cap 2 is going to make it over $250 domestic and over $700 Million worldwide, and it’s possible (though unlikely) it will outgross Spider-Man 2.

Reality Check: I thought Neighbors would be big, but I didn’t know how big. I went a little low on Spider-Man, but was closer than most of my peers, so I’ll take that, thank you.

What did you watch this weekend?