Back in April, we reported to you that cinematic horsemen of the apocalypse Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman were ending the toxic writing partnership that had created a handful of Transformers films, the rebooted Spider-Man franchise, Cowboys & Aliens, and the rebooted Star Trek franchise.  We also reported that Orci was heavily pushing to make his directorial debut with Star Trek 3.

Now, Paramount would be understandably nervous putting a first-time director at the helm of a megabudget action sequel in a huge franchise like Trek; despite that, reports are now coming in that Orci is in negotiations to direct the third film in the rebooted Trek franchise, and that he “has emerged as the clear frontrunner to replace JJ Abrams and direct Paramount‘s third installment of the Star Trek series,” meaning that it will likely be as cartoonishly bad and insipid as the first two films.

What do you think of the Trek news?

Source:  Variety