Community - The Gang's All Here

After five long, fruitful, frustrating, often-hilarious, mostly-clever years, the perpetually-struggling (with ratings) TV series Community has finally been canceled by NBC due to low ratings.
Much like Arrested Development before it, Community was dark, funny, arch, and very meta/deconstructive take on the sitcom and its various tropes, which is all a long and wordy way of saying that it was very smart and not many people watched it.   And despite its perennial catchphrase “Six Seasons And A Movie,” NBC gave the series the axe just a few weeks after it finished season five (though, the fact that Community made it this far, following the termination of show creator Dan Harmon after season three, a fairly disastrous season four, and a return to form—with Harmon back at the helm—during season five, all with terrible ratings) is somewhat heartening in itself.  That the show existed at all is something of a miracle in the TV universe.

So what now?  There are rumblings that Netflix or Hulu may pick up the series (as Netflix did for Arrested Development), so Community fans, feel free to keep your hope alive.  But for now, TV just got a little dumber, and a little less fun.

NBC really Britta’d this one, didn’t they?

Source:  The Hollywood Reporter