Snow White and the Huntsman - Chris Hemsworth

Well, this was probably inevitable—given the current trend of remaking or rebooting every successful film property known to humanity, it makes sense that Warner Bros. would consider furthering the immensely successful Lethal Weapon franchise.  In fact, we’re a little surprised it hasn’t happened already.

So it comes as no surprise that reports are emerging that Warner Bros. is extending an offer to Chris Hemsworth to star in the film as the son of Martin Riggs, ostensibly taking over the franchise in a reboot/sequel form.  Further, Justin Lin is being eyed as a possible director for the project, which is currently in its earliest stages and being referred to as Lionheart.

Lethal Weapon began as one of the most entertaining action films of the 1980s, as well as the originator of many of the 1980s action clichés we laugh at now.  The series quickly dovetailed into a series of increasingly irrelevant sequels, and, to be honest, Lionheart doesn’t exactly sound much better.

What do you think of the Lethal Weapon rumors?

Source:  /Film