Community - Study Group

The journey of Community, which has been on the verge of cancellation every year since the season one, has been a hard one for fans, who’ve saw the show survive by its teeth for three seasons, saw it get a reduced order and new staff for the fourth, and then saw series creator Dan Harmon come back for the fifth season, only to lose both Chevy Chase and Donald Glover. But it seems we may not be getting that sixth season or a movie as hoped for.

Via Uproxx, we found that writer/producer Chris McKenna is not optimistic about the show’s return at all. He tweeted this:

But then McKenna offered this small hope:

Though the return of Dan Harmon energized the show again, and there were some killer episodes in the fifth season, there was also a pall over it, as if the show itself was fighting cancer, as if the fact that it had come back again and again from the brink finally embedded that death was inevitable and perhaps necessary in the text itself. Perhaps that was because the principle cast was no longer the same, and so it struggled to maintain the same dynamics with replacements figures or without. But it would be shocking if they didn’t give it a sixth season as the show is currently at 97 episodes, so a sixth might pay for itself simply by generating more episodes for syndication. It used to be that a show wouldn’t enter rerun territory until it hit a hundred episodes, but Community is already playing on Comedy Central, so it’s hard to say.

Bottom line: we’ll be a little bummed if NBC cancels Community, and we would be happy if it finds a home someplace else, but as the cast has found work elsewhere, and Dan Harmon has achieved greater success with Rick and Morty, and the show wrapped up well (though in the oddest of ways), we can only be so bummed about this if true. That said, we want six seasons and a movie.

How would you feel if Community was cancelled today?