Around this time last year, Harmony Korine‘s Spring Breakers was at the height of its infamy. Mostly because of the cast and subject matter, the film became a love it or hate it indie explosion. The film made only $14 Million domestically (and a little more internationally), but with the film’s $5 Million dollar budget, it became a hit. Now the Wild Bunch production company is looking to make a sequel.

Screendaily is reporting that the sequel is titled Spring Breakers: The Second Coming, and will focus on whomever of the core cast returns along with a mostly new cast of spring breakers who battle an extreme militant Christian sect that attempts to convert them.  Irvine “Trainspotting“Welsh wrote the script while music video helmer and Spun director Jonus Akerlund is attached to direct. Wild Bunch also listed a number of other projects that could come to pass, with Paul Verhoven lined up his next project, along with Gasper Noe and a remake of the somewhat remembered 1980′s slasher film Maniac Cop. All sound more interesting than this.

Wild Bunch is taking this slate of possible projects to Cannes in hopes of getting full financing, which may or may not happen, and if they do get made, may not get made with the people who are currently attached. Considering that the first Spring Breakers was about the very American tradition of over-partying in Florida, it’s hard to tell if getting Welsh (who’s Scottish) and Akerlund (who’s Swedish) involved is the best or the worst way to continue on with a story that will likely not feature much connective tissue.

Did you love or hate Spring Breakers?