New Girl Finale Episode 23 Season 3 – TV Review

What better way to close down season three of New Girl than with the whole gang trapped together on a big cruise ship?

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The Players:

  • Director: Elizabeth Meriwether
  • Writers: Luvh Rakhe & Rob Rosell
  • Cast: Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield, Lamorne Morris, Hannah Simone, Merritt Wever, Damon Wayans Jr.

Episode Title: “Cruise”

Jess and Nick decide to go ahead and take a cruise they booked before their breakup, and invite the gang along.

The Good:

  • Well…: There wasn’t a lot of good, so this shouldn’t take long.
  • Coach: Was funny for a few seconds when he used the phrase “strong qualms” in the cold open.
  • Photos: The romantic photo montage between Nick and Jess was humorous.
  • Schmidt: Sweet watching him play nice for Cece and not drop his love bomb all over her.
  • Weird: The weird intervention at the end to help Nick and Jess was mildly amusing. They needed more time devoted to the gang trapped in the room.
  • Last Shot: The photo above, also the one in the newspaper detailing their being trapped in a room for three days on a cruise ship, is pretty darn terrific. Schmidt’s hair, specifically.
  • The Quote: Winston: “I’m gonna get drunk!”

The Bad:

  • Overboard: Who knows, some fans of the show might have loved “Cruise”, but the judgement here is that the final episode of season three was dull. The entire scene featuring Oscar (from “The Office”) was awful, like it was never going to end. The Schmidt-Cece thing went nowhere, or just fizzled, and there was a distinct lack of laughs from start to finish.
  • Cece: Of course she gets her own entry!! Yes, there was a sweet moment between Cece and Schmidt, but that doesn’t make up for almost all her scenes where she is looking for WiFi signals to connect with boyfriend Buster.


Season three of New Girl was a bumpy ride. There were some truly funny moments spread throughout the season, but things never gelled to the point where the show was consistently ‘good’ week to week. The centerpiece was the new relationship between Nick and Jess. Fans had their opinions about whether or not they should be a couple, but at some point it seemed as if we all were finally getting comfortable with the lovey dovey duo. And then the writers blew it all to hell and broke them up a few weeks ago. It seemed rather sudden, even if Nick and Jess weren’t exactly an ideal match for one another. Still… that was wild. And now as we wrap season 3, Nick and Jess are in the midst of moving on as friends and roommates, hoping the weirdness drifts away. So the grand relationship experiment of the season is over and it’s difficult to figure where the show is headed into season 4.

As for the finale: it wasn’t good. It was one of the worst episodes of the season. It seems there will be very little carry over from the break-up fallout into season four, which means next fall is likely set up to be a fresh start for everyone. The short, yet memorable love affair of Nick and Jess is now only a memory. Was it a waste of time (and a TV season)? Maybe. But even though the show struggled with finding a comfort level in a world where Nick and Jess were an item, the show still delivered some good times and good laughs throughout an up and down 3rd season.


Rating: 5/10

New Girl airs on Fox at 9pm (ET/PT) on Tuesday nights.

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