Though it’s probably more meaningful to The Walking Dead fans, as die-hard The Wire addicts, we’re happy to report that Seth Gilliam, aka Sgt. Ellis Carter, has joined the former as a new character for that show’s fifth season. Too bad Herc won’t be joining him.

This news comes from Deadline Hollywood, who report that he’s playing “Michael Todd,” though his real character name may be kept secret. They say his character has “two sides, displaying a friendly, puckish humor but also having a haunted side stemming from a dark secret.” Though the show has deviated from the comics in many ways, it’s possible that he’s playing a canon character, and they don’t want his identity revealed before he shows up.

Gilliam first caught our eye in Starship Troopers (this reporter still has his action figure as Sugar Watkins for some reason — must have been a gift), but he’s mostly made his living through television, with a stint on Oz, the aforementioned Wire, and more recently played a doctor on the MTV Teen Wolf series. On The Walking Dead, he’ll be joining Chad Coleman, who plays Tyreese there, but is also a Wire vet, having played Dennis “Cutty” Wise. We hope this means Domenick “Herc” Lombardozzi or Jim “Prez” True-Frost will eventually show up.

Who from The Wire do you think needs a career resurgence?