We’re only a couple weeks away from the second season of Orange is the New Black, but it seems the writing staff (and star Laura Prepon) have confirmed that a third is already being worked on as the show has been renewed.

Both Prepon and the writing staff instagrammed their season three board, which you can see here:



That’s a pretty cool way of going about announcing a renewal, though surely Netflix would have liked the honors. This isn’t necessarily confirmed, but since the show was much buzzed about last season, it’s likely the same audience will return, especially after President Barack Obama made a joke that referenced the show this weekend. If anything, it seems like the audience for the show is about to get bigger.

Netflix has had some hits with its television series, though it seems a risky venture. Lilyhammer started their original programming and is still going thought it never really caught on. But Orange and House of Cards have gotten lots of buzz, and lots of binge watching, which makes the conversation about them dissipate quicker, and it’s that much harder to know when you can talk about spoilers in polite community. Netflix has also had the fourth season of Arrested Development, which… was an interesting experiment, though you don’t hear much word about it now, while horror fans seemed to despise Hemlock Grove, though that is getting a second season. Orange is the New Black returns for season 2 on June 6.

Have you watched all of Season one?