Halloween III: Season of the Witch

The Weinstein Company, which has spent most of its existence teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, knows a good thing when they see it. And so it looks like they’re going to pursue a new Halloween movie that will possibly be titled Halloween 3D.

That’s the word from Bloody Disgusting, as it seems the brothers W have been talking the project up while preparing for the Cannes film festival. But it is unknown who will direct it, write it, or if it will be a new entry in the original franchise, in the Rob Zombie franchise, or its own entity (or that is to say mild remake of the 1978 film by John Carpenter). But even without any principles on board, it’s likely we’ll get this and get it sooner rather than later.

If the film is 3D it would be late to the game chasing that trend, as though huge event films are going to be 3D whether you like it or not, smaller films don’t seem to benefit as much, though there may be an international bounce. Considering it’s a horror movie in this day and age, we wouldn’t be surprised if it was done as a found footage film, though it would seem dangerous to combine that with the third dimension. Unfortunately, Halloween III: Season of the Witch – which spun off the franchise into a completely different story and was reviled at the time of release, but has now attracted a cult following — will not be the basis for this film.

Do you know how many more days it is until Halloween (Silver Shamrock)?