labor day kate winslet josh brolin

Wow, this week features a couple of January releases that tanked, and some interesting catalog selections. It’s slim pickings, but that happens as Hollywood is gearing up to start the big summer season.


  • Labor Day: Jason Reitman’s most recent film, which starred Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin, was unceremoniously dumped by the studio, which got log-jammed with Oscar prospects, so this got shuffled off into January where it died. I’ve heard good things and bad about it, as it appears to be a throwback to a different generation of films.
  • The Legend of Hercules: The first of this year’s Hercules movies (why now?) also died at the box office. Word is it’s terrible as well. Perhaps it will play better, like the Conan reboot, on cable. With booze.
  • Star Trek: Enterprise – Season Four: This show started to find its footing in later seasons as it began approaching the show with longer narratives. It was on the verge of becoming interesting, if not great, but by the time this came out, fans were starting to get bored with the franchise.


  • Gamera: Ultimate Collection Volume One, Gamera: Ultimate Collection Volume Two: Gamera is really sweet! He is filled with turtle meat! Now we have Commercial Sign! (note: these are the original movies, not the version offered below)

  • Il Sorpasso: Criterion is resurrecting this Italian road trip comedy, which is the sort of film that was never on my radar until Criterion announced it. That’s always cool.
  • Sophie’s Choice: There aren’t that many good releases this week, so it should be hard to choose this film.
  • The Wind and the Lion: John Millius is a fascinating director, more of a legend than most of his films, though this is one of his best as he recreated the old Hollywood flavor with this adventure picture starring Sean Connery and Candice Bergen.

 What are you picking up this week?