The Other Woman

So in a surprise move, The Other Woman played to female audiences, and then some. The film, which came out the weekend before summer movie season kicks off, netted a surprising near-$25 Million opening. It was enough to take the weekend, and could mean a hundred million dollar total.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 The Other Woman $24,700,000 $7,707 $24,700,000
2 Captain America: The Winter Soldier $16,048,000 (-37.3) $4,433 $224,888,000
3 Heaven is for Real $13,800,000 (-38.7) $5,102 $51,911,000
4 Rio 2 $13,650,000 (-38.4) $3,686 $96,158,000
5 Brick Mansions $9,600,000
$3,627 $9,600,000
6 Transcendence $4,105,000 (-62.3) $1,188 $18,472,000
7 The Quiet Ones $4,000,000 $1,973 $4,000,000
8 Bears $3,606,000 (-24.5) $2,097 $11,153,000
9 Divergent $3,600,000 (-35.8) $1,742 $139,463,000
10 A Haunted House 2 $3,265,000 (-63.1) $1,413 $14,246,000

That number for The Other Woman, that $24.7 was solid, and with few films targeted at women for the next couple, it could mean a stronger long play. It’s hard to say yet, it could collapse next weekend, but if audiences responded, it could keep playing.

Captain America 2 held well regardless, and should be able to make it to $250 Million domestic, but The Amazing Spider-Man 2 could hurt it. Basically, whatever Imax or Atmos screens it had are going away. But at this point it’s going to clear more money than Man of Steel did (worldwide).

Heaven is for Real is a big winner for Sony, and should get to $80 Million at this point. It’s one of the biggest religious pictures of the year, and maybe the studios have figured out how to sell them. Brick Mansions probably spent ten million on advertising, though it may play well internationally. It looks like a wash. Transcendence tanked big time, and it’s not going to get any better. Next week things heat up, especially if Sony can’t get Spider-Man over $90 Million

What did you watch this weekend?