Recently, we heard that Paramount was close to setting a director for their Friday the 13th reboot, but it seems that Jason will not only terrorize the big screen, but the small screen as well. Sean S. Cunningham, director of the first film, and Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films and Crystal Lake Entertainment are looking to bring the film’s characters and locations to a television series.

This news comes from Deadline, and considering that Cunningham and a bunch of production companies I’ve never heard of are attached, it looks like the legal arrangement re: the property had some wiggle room that is being exploited. Perhaps the show will be called Crystal Lake Terrors, or something like that. As those who lived through the 1980′s are well aware, this would be the second television series based on the character as both Freddy and Jason got small screen spin-offs in their time. Both the Friday the 13th series and Freddy’s Nightmares lasted three seasons in syndication and neither was all that good.

The idea for the new series is that Jason would be in it, and it could take place over multiple eras. This sounds like garbage as Jason is a pretty boring character, but the idea of young horror filmmakers being given a chance to make one hour Jason movies could be kind of cool. Maybe they’ll find something interesting in the character. And if this goes to a pay cable channel, perhaps it will feature the gore and gratuitous nudity that made the original franchise successful.

Do you think Jason could work on the small screen?