The picture above is from this weekend’s The Other Woman, which stars Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton. This could be a big breakthrough role for Upton as Hollywood has seemingly been courting her. She’s got the right mixture of innocence and cleavage to be the hot girl maybe other women don’t hate. Still, the movie is DOA.

Though Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Fast Five may have irrevocably changed studio’s perceptions of how to handle April releases, this weekend, this 4/25 schedule is similar to many of year’s past. They’re titles that are being let go. Granted, there’s a case to be made that Brick Mansions, which stars the late Paul Walker, could be a surprise hit. Relativity may have gotten lucky in that Walker’s death may net the film additional millions — and it has the same release date as Fast Five – but the adds can’t hide that the movie looks like it got saved from a DTV fate. And The Quiet Ones? Whatever.

No, this weekend is about the studios taking a deep breath as they get ready to plunge into the summer season. This is going to be an interesting year as Sony has to get The Amazing Spider-Man 2 into the hearts and minds of filmgoers. They want to make a billion, obviously, but will they be happy, can they proceed according to plan if the film makes half a billion? Less? Could we have our first franchise based on being a loss leader? Does having the brand get people just interested enough in the ephemera? And if the film is a disappointment, could Sony gear up to reboot a reboot?

This chasing of comic book movies (and of Marvel) reminds me of this line from An Officer and a Gentleman:

But summer isn’t here yet. So, this weekend, Captain America should win the weekend for the fourth time in a row, as the film gets to around a $225 Million domestic cume.

What are you going to watch this weekend?