Frozen, which won two Oscars and has been a huge hit on home video, is still in theaters and should cross the $400 Million mark this weekend. It also recently became the sixth highest grossing film ever worldwide, and is the third most successful animated film domestically. In any other situation, that would mean a sequel would be in development and ready to go. But no, Disney is currently more interested in getting a version on Broadway.

That’s what Disney head Alan Horn said to The Hollywood Reporter, and it goes against modern blockbuster thinking. But then again, so did the success of Frozen. Going by the list of the top forty highest grossing films worldwide, only three (besides Frozen) haven’t inspired theatrical sequels, or weren’t sequels themselves: Titanic, The Lion King and Inception.

The catch — you might note — is that The Lion King did get a sequel, but it went straight to video. Many Disney films inspired DTV sequels in the late 90′s and early 00′s, but that trend (which was based on the uptick of DVD sales) has petered out. Disney now only takes the Tinkerbell movies DTV, as Planes showed that anything intended to go DTV, might make more money if it’s released in theaters first.

On one hand, the success of the film suggests that a Frozen sequel would be greeted with open arms, on the other hand its phenomenon status suggests that Disney has course corrected its animated brand and if they make another animated musical, they could follow the success Walt Disney had with films like Bambi and Snow White. It’s good to see they’re taking their time on this one, and if a sequel falls by the wayside because they can’t think of a good enough story, it’s better for Disney’s overall success.

Would you be first in line for a Frozen sequel?