When Batman Vs. Superman (or whatever it’s eventually called) moved to May 6, 2016, it was trampling on a date called by Marvel, who then announced that they weren’t going to move, and then revealed the film going against Batman and Superman would be Captain America 3. Now that Captain America: The Winter Soldier has crossed $200 Million domestic, and is on its way to an over $700 Million worldwide total, someone might move.

And that someone may be Captain America 3, as Disney president Alan Horn said this today:


By coming out in April Captain America 2 showed that calendar hot spots are mostly just superstitions obeyed because of theories regarding when families go to see movies. At this point, that’s not the target demographic of who goes to cinema any more, so audiences will obviously turn up for product they want. But then having a great release date could cause those films to perform better.

Having the first week of May to themselves could lead Cap 3 to a $400 Million domestic, Billion dollar worldwide gross. Having the first week of May to themselves could lead Batman Vs. Superman to a similar endgame, though it looks like Captain America 2 will make more worldwide than Man of Steel did, and it will be coming after The Avengers: Age of Ultron, which could give it a greater push. Then again, Batman and Superman have never teamed up on the big screen before. There are good reasons for both sides to blink, and by Horn suggesting they’ll move, they may have given up the game, even though Marvel called the date first. This is far from over as we’re still more than two years away from either film being released.

Who do you think will blink?