The Goonies 2

Growing up, I ate a lot of crappy candy. I specifically liked Mambas, which were like the chewier version of Skittles. I think many are drawn to fetishizing candy as kids because sugar gets you high, and good parents make said candies a treat/rarity. As I got older, I stopped buying junky, sugary candies because my palette changed, and I realized they were kind of terrible. Speaking about things people should outgrow, there are new rumors regarding The Goonies 2.

Original film director Richard Donner was caught by TMZ cameras, and told them that Steven Spielberg has an idea for the sequel. But Donner is just vague enough that it can be read as a non-denial. Of course he’d make a sequel. Of course he wants the original cast to come back. Of course he thinks it’s a good idea. Donner hasn’t directed a feature film since 2006, when he delivered the now-forgotten 16 Blocks, and before that he helmed 2003′s Timeline, which bombed. Dude hasn’t had a hit film in over fifteen years, on top of being 84 years old. Here’s the video:

As someone who was at the right age for The Goonies, I can say I saw it in theaters, and always thought it wasn’t very good. But considering all the material that Hollywood puts out based on things people loved as children, or grew up with, it’s hard for comic book fans to get up in arms about a Goonies sequel. But it does raise the question: Is Hollywood trying to keep people infantilized? The answer is more nuanced than simply saying yes, but considering they’re deeply afraid of original ideas, it seems just as likely that they cling to anything that gives people a nostalgic buzz. Yes, it’s odd that toy collecting is not viewed as all that weird or creepy in young men and women, but is it the toy maker’s fault that they’re responding to the marketplace?

If we ever get a Goonies sequel, the earliest it could seemingly come together is in 2016, when the the original would be 31 years old.

What classic of your childhood do you wish got a sequel?