This weekend, Transcendence is hitting the screens in which Johnny Depp uploads his subconscious to a computer which makes us contemplate whether or not that’s really a good thing. In honor of the film’s release, here’s a list of some of the top evil computers and if they have any real life equivalents.

HAL (2001: A Space Odyssey):


Hal is the ultimtae machine with a God complex. He sees, hears and knows everything. However, compared to some of it’s predecessors HAL is basically like “Hey guys,  I was just following orders.” Granted he also kinda staged some real bad things to prevent being found wrong. There’s also the whole choice it made to lock the last astronaut out to well die.

Real Life Equivalent: Any map app that tries to justify driving you into a dead-end repeatedly.

Samantha (Her):


It’s an A.I. that develops a consciousness based on your interests which made poor Joaquin Phoenix fall in love with her and detach from humanity completely. However, once it started updating and evolving on its own, it decides to dump the poor sap.

Real Life Equivalent: This could happen if Siri got a hold of your Tumblr. If it assembled all the recesses of your mind from your posts and became all the things that give you the feels. No person of flesh and blood could compare. It would even assume the voice of the most reblogged person. So basically Tom Hiddleston. Game over.


The Matrix:


It used people as batteries while they believed that they existed in a real world. Some humans even knew they weren’t living the real life and chose to be ignorant.

Real Life Equivalent: Facebook and RPG’s that people choose to exist through. These entities need people to continue to live through them and would not survive without users. Let the theories as to why Facebook acquired the Rift Oculus begin.

Armin Zola:


In Captain America: The Winter Soldier Zola appears as Johnny Depp in Transcendence, but like version one, to spout off some major Hail Hydra plot points. Zola also uploaded his consciousness onto some pretty old computers but crapped out while trying to get in the Cap’s way. Or so it seems.

Real Life Equivalent: Xbox One. All talk but about power but fizzles out. Will come back in one way or another to seem like an impending threat. Microsoft is good at being a possible big bad that kind of doesn’t work out.




It wants to kill all humanity. Wants to go back in time to destroy the leader of the human rebellion before he’s even born but fails. They control everything, they make everything, they see everything and weaponize everything.

Real Life Equivalent: Apple and Google are basically holding an arms race as to what major A.I. tech they can acquire before the other. Apple is the brand everyone follows but Google is the resource that everyone goes to. If both combined, we would already be enslaved. Apple basically dictates the trends that people adhere to. Google bought some pretty serious A.I. companies that have robotics departments. Let’s keep them against the other.

Transcendence opens today and it’s real life equivalent will be determined by it’s box office success. Will it stack up against the terrifying evil computers or be the android upgrade from Zola?